Process flow management

Manage, improve and smooth the process flow

This work package is about the supply chain management process that includes all activities necessary to obtain, implement, and manage manufacturing flexibility in the supply chain and to move products through the plants. It includes manage all the resources (Humans, robots, cobots, mobile station…).

The « Process flow management » working group is motor in this project, to reach the objectives and obtain satisfactory results, this working group has to work in close collaboration with the others work packages.



Process managemen

  • Design the optimized nomenclature of a real product (Turbofan)
  • Manage all the assembly tasks and assist the « mechanical design » working group (Design of the mobile station)
  • Organize the placement of each workstation into the factory (in collaboration with the « Factory design » working group)
  • Guarantee a smooth process flow
  • Manage all the resources (Workers, robots, cobots, mobile station)
  • Generate the Gantt of the resources




Workers organization


Gantt diagram













 3DEXPERIENCE softwares applications used