ENIM – Lorraine INP

National Engineering School of Metz

National Engineering School of Metz

National Engineering School of Metz

Over five years, ENIM trains engineers capable of designing, constructing and manufacturing in the areas of mechanical engineering, material science and engineering and production systems. 60% of the learning is conducted through practical work in laboratory or in industry.

A new vision; innovative equipment; cutting-edge technologies: this is the way ENIM develops human and technical resources to help companies boosting their projects and economic growth. The ENIM campus is located at the heart of Metz-Technopole, a centre of excellence, near Symphony Lake where students take advantage from exceptional working environment.


ENIM in figures

951 engineering students
150 teaching staff, administrative and technical
100 continuing education students and alternating training
224 foreign students enrolled
14 months of training to experience the world of industry
5 research laboratories
35 researchers
100 students per year in industrial living abroad
7% of graduates pursuing a PhD
4 research masters

A proactive policy of international openness

The intellectual openness to different cultures and knowledge beyond the national borders, provides the engineering student with an experience very enriching, and appreciated by the first rank international enterprises.

International in figures
  • 60% of the graduates have had an international mobility
  • 30% of international students are welcomed every year
  • 60% of international researchers
  • More than 20 nationalities represented
  • More than 90 partner universities in 30 countries throughout the world
  • 20 Double degrees with partner universities overseas
  • More than 200 Engineering students abroad every year
  • 32 Erasmus+ agreements
  • 105 international cooperation agreements


The National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine

Since January 2016, ENIM have merge with University of Lorraine and join the National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine.  The Lorraine INP Collegium is composed of 11 Engineering schools located in Lorraine.

Based on internationally recognized research laboratories and on industrial partnerships, the eleven schools of Lorraine INP position themselves on the greatest societal challenges: sciences, health, digital technology, energy, food, natural resources, environment, materials, innovation, etc.

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Lorraine INP in figures
11 engineering schools
16 different engineering degrees , from the most general to the most specialized,
5 engineering degrees in apprenticeship training,
5000 engineering students
1700 degrees awarded annually,
90% of our engineers land their first job in permanent contract,
25% work abroad as soon as they leave the engineering school,
Average annual salary: € 38,000

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