Project Management

In order to complete successfully this innovative project, we need students with management project capacities

A Communication Manager which will :5447670_orig
  • Animate a social community with twitter and Facebook;
  • Write a monthly newsletter for all the partners (students + school + Dassault Systemes);
  • Reading news articles relevant to the work of the different working groups;
  • Hold a blog or a website;
  • Create flyers and posters to post in the ENIM (internal communication);
  • Create video to explain and promote the project;
  • Write some articles in periodicals to promote and explain the project.


A Collaborative Project Facilitator which will :Facilitation-Photo
  • Analyze and understand current issues and conflicts (and then prevent project failure);
  • Help team members achieve their goals;
  • Provide training and support;
  • Connect members in difficulty with the adapted persons;
  • Participate and manage global meetings;
  • Keep people focused and engaged;
  • Ensure effective communications.


project management1

An Engineering Project Leader which will :
  • Manage and lead the project team;
  • Provide technical support to assist the different work packages;
  • Keep the Gantt diagram up to date and manage the different tasks;
  • Analyze the actual performance against the plan and make adjustments consistent with plan objectives;
  • Assure timely adaptive action is taken;
  • Track and report on progress to ENIM PLM Project Director.