Digital Farm I & II

Digital Farm is a collaborative project that brings students dispersed across the planet through a problem based learning experience, that combines various disciplines from mechanical, systems, industrial, agricultural engineering to project management and communication sciences.



During the Digital Farm Project 2, 50 students and 15 teachers from the entire world worked together to succeed in making a digital farm.

They had to :

  • Build a Digital Farm;
  • Design and build a robot capable of traversing the rough terrain of a farm, and remove the weeds from the furrows while analyzing the environment;
  • Electronics and programming : The main purpose of the electronics is part of the completed electrical circuits that will ensure the optimal operation of the robot. Moreover, the robot will perform well autonomously;
  • Use a drone to explore the field, analyze the position of the weed and define the robot’s path;
  • Improve the work conditions into a tractor’s cabin.

The students came from :